About Us

Dogwood Advisors

Here at Dogwood Business Solutions, we have one goal and one mission in mind: 

Where can we help you with your business? 

It all started with three like minded, local individuals who came together and realized the need in our community and with local business owners. Each of us being business owners ourselves, realized that you need help, and a lot of it, in a lot of different areas or branches (as we like to call it).

Thus, the birth of Dogwood Business Solutions. 

We take pride in sitting down, getting to know you and talking about your business, having conversations and finding out the areas of need are in your business. Our goal is to build a trusted partnership with you, as a client, so you become more cost efficient in all areas and can focus on growing your business. As we provide you with our full line of solutions and benefits,  our partnership will provide you with assistance in various branches of business to help support your employees and growth.

Can we be a ONE STOP shop solution for your new start up business? or one that's been in business for years? Sure! 

Do you only need ONE of our many business solutions? Wonderful! 

We are here to serve our community and business owners, in way of relieving time, money, stress and resources. 

Contact us today, to see how we can better serve you and your business.

Graham Mozingo

Trusted Partner & Business Advisor

Licensed  Agent


Derek Speight

Trusted Partner & Business Advisor

Licensed Agent


Christel Mozingo

Trusted Partner & Business Advisor

Licensed Agent